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I'm C. Roberts. I am an amateur horologist.

I fix watches.

(...and a lot of other things.)

Aviation - Superstition Mtns Mesa, AZ 3-12-06.
UHF (1989) Filming locations - Tulsa, OK
Landscaping projects - I'm not much of a landscaper
Flight with Angela
Trip to Taliesin West/Frank Lloyd Wright
Formation flying - Chris/Dave/Mac/Matt 9/30/06 Chris - 5327G Dave - 20519
Six Flags Trip - October 2006
Chicago July 2006
New clutch/transaxle assembly - 97 Kia Sephia, 102,000 miles
New clutch/transaxle assembly - reinstallation
First flight as a private pilot, 11/05
Hummingbirds. Hard as hell to photograph
These are a little better - Hummingbird shots
Desert Botanical Garden - Butterfly exhibit 3/07
Mitsubishi 2.6l mechanical fuel pump - Tear-down
Succulent Plants I've not killed - 04/15/07
Random Stuff
E-brake cable install details. Rear drum, 1974 VW Super Beetle.
More Pics of Frank, my crazy cat.
Foggy Nightt.
Asst Flowers.
Frank and the Airplane.
The guy at American Eagle Alloy wheels gave me new center caps for FREE
Frank thinks he's people.
The Kitten.
I bought a 1997 Mazda Miata.
And then proceeded to start fixing it.....
And fix it some more...
And then I had to fix the house....
Replacing the front drum brakes on the beetle.
Cat pictures, 11-10-09.
I've decided to dabble in watchmaking 9-2013
I fixed a watch and it keeps good time!
I built this watch.
Chinese Complicated Movement - I took this apart and reassembled. It was a challenge.
This is the stuff I'm tinkering with as of early Oct 2013.
Hamilton 992b cleaning/repair part 1
Hamilton 992b cleaning/repair part 2
Hamilton 992b cleaning/repair part 3
Hamilton 992b cleaning/repair part 4
Hamilton 992b cleaning/repair FINAL

Waltham 17 Jewel - I fixed this broken watch 2016
Marvin Watch Non Magnetic - I fixed this broken watch 2016
Bulova Cal 6B0 - I fixed this broken watch 2016
Bulova 6ClC - I fixed this broken watch 2016
Bulova cal 6AP - I fixed this broken watch 2016
Elgin Automatic - I fixed this broken watch 2016
Festina 7750 based wristwatch - I serviced this movement 2017
Three 7750 based wristwatches - I compare them on the watch timer 2017
Seiko Diver Quartz - I put a cell in this watch 2017
Using a torch to blue the heads of screws and surface of other parts 2017
American Waltham pocketwatch from 1889 - I repaired this movement 2017
Ball Watch - I regulated this movement 2017
Seiko 5 from the thrift shop. Serviced 2017
Bulova 5BC, 1972. Strange case. Serviced 2017
Bulova 5BD. High jewel count. Serviced 2017
New York Standard Watch. A beautiful low-jewel example. This one is worn out. Serviced 2017
Hamilton aircraft watch 4992b Serviced 2017
Had to rebuild the engine in my car. 1997 Miata.
Omega Chronostop - This one is being restored IN PROGRESS 2017

Old School:
FileIN! Version 5.7 source code - 1996 - Turbo Pascal 7.0
FileIN! was my answer to the lack of tools to import files from the front door mailer to the renegade BBS software.
There were programs to do this task out there, but in my opinion they all lacked something or I made my own.
Lots of people used it. I got postcards from users around the world.
I originally wrote this thing back in high school and maintained it for several years.